Baby bibs

Saliva catchers, bibs – a topical and necessary product in every family! There is a huge choice when you go to the market or shop online. The bibs are available in different shapes, they are bright, colorful, with different designs, but how do you know which one is right for you and your baby?

As a family of three, we have a great deal of experience in this matter. When our youngest son, Thomas, was born and the need for baby bibs arose, I realized that the bibs currently available in the stores had a number of problems that made our daily life as parents rather difficult than easier. Currently, the most popular and also the most affordable bibs need to be tied, but this process is not very pleasant for children, and it is not so fast. When the bib is finally put on, new problems begin: it never stays in the same place, it is very easy for the child to tear it off, and the clothes do not stay clean and dry, although this is the basic function of the baby bib.

Then came the idea of our own baby bibs, which would be easy and quick to wear and just as quickly and easily removed so that the child would not notice the process. We have created something completely new and unprecedented: bibs with press studs, which are attached to clothes that will not change their position, do not disturb the child, but they fully perform their main function: protects clothes from food and moisture.

The Latvian company SIA GRIMEX has created its own brand VIRUSINI and in its online store BabyDream.Club offers its own products: baby toys and clothes for children from 3 months to one and a half years. The bibs are designed so that parents and their little ones do not face the above-mentioned problems, so that it is all beautiful, practical and appropriate to the height, so that it is neither too big nor too small, but it fits perfectly. VIRUSINI offers baby bibs in two sizes and each size is divided into mini and maxi categories, which allows you to use the baby bibs not only during meals, but also for everyday activities, so that the clothes are always clean and dry, because the baby bibs are 100% waterproof. Once the baby has eaten, only the bib needs to be removed, which can be washed even in the most powerful washing machines.

In the BabyDream.Club online store you will find clothes for both girls and boys: bodysuits, clothing sets and overalls, which already have buttons for attaching the bibs. The bibs are available in a variety of designs so that practicality is always beautiful!