VIRUSINI – how did it all start?

2019 was an overall good year for almost everyone, right? We got a job, sales weren’t bad, every store was open, you could buy anything you needed or wanted, clubs were booming throughout the nights. You could take a walk whenever you wanted and you could see people’s facial expressions without any cloth hiding it. Sounds just normal, right? We didn’t think that anyone could ban this all, right? But we were wrong, oh, so wrong…


March 2020 changed it all – everything was closed except for grocery stores, and even they worked on reduced working hours and certain items were prohibited to buy – socks, underwear, magazines, toys. They said it’s only to “cut the time you spend in the store”, but sure, what do we know… You couldn’t take a walk and feel the fresh air whenever you wanted, you actually couldn’t enjoy the fresh air because you had to wear a mask, so what options do you have to stay sane? Watch all the Netflix shows, have a deep clean in your apartment or house, try new recipes. Okay, but for how long? You can’t deep clean your house every day and not all Netflix shows are your cup of tea.


Online shopping bloomed and so did board games, as you were spending a lot (all) of the time inside with your family, significant other or your roommates. As you would get extremely bored of Monopoly, Scrabble or Twister if you’d play it every single night, we saw it as an opportunity for something new and relevant to the situation. We designed a new game – World of Viruses. It was so relevant to the global situation, that it should be a hit – you would fight the viruses as smart and courageous doctors to get back to life as we knew it before. Or you could play the part of the evil viruses and deny the small ray of lights that we would feel from time to time. Or just simply say “Not today, doctors, not today!”.


– became our brand name and a cute looking virus ball became our official logo. Even though the game is still not for sale, you can still appreciate the effort, right? But all jokes aside, the game will be launched this year and you can play it with your friends to reminisce about the times we thought we would never have to experience! Stay tuned for the game!