VIRUSINI - brand with future potential

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The brand VIRUSINI belongs to SIA GRIMEX. We are a family business and our children are the source of our inspiration! VIRUSINI – brand with future potential


VIRUSINI started in Board game and Baby bib manufacturing. Our idea was and still is unique, we are the first in Europe to have such a product, so we have also registered our idea and obtained a registered Community design number: 008640304-0001. But now over the last few years it has grown incredibly!


Now you find us everywhere, you can shop us, wear us and play us! We are extremely proud to introduce several our own products and services!

MANSDIZAINS.LV – gifts for every occasion and everyone! Never waste your time on thinking about the right gift – visit our store and see hundreds of unique designs! Here you can find gifts for birthdays, name days, International Women Day, Easter, Christmas and many more! We offer unique design prints on T-shirts, hoodies, socks, hats, snapbacks, beanies, coffee mugs and smaller accessories such as keychains, necklaces etc.

We provide the best quality materials and technology to promise longevity! The apparel  is available in all the needed sizes from S up to 5XL. Open a new world full of uniqueness and happiness that gifts and gifting can bring! And if you still couldn’t find anything you’d like to purchase, try out our Creative Workshop to make your own designs!


Anime has stood the test of time and grown in popularity across the world because of its unique ability to grow with its viewers. It offers struggling people a form of passive escapism to a happy place. We grow to love our favorite characters and we all feel this needy feeling to see them more on our screens and even on our clothing! Without further ado – we introduce you with! The designs on the t-shirts are inspired by our and your favorite Animes and Mangas that are out there!


GRIMEX – Unlimited Possibilities! Since March 16 2016 GRIMEX has been engaged in wholesale and various services, but since the autumn of 2019 the range of services provided has extremely increased. GRIMEX started its journey with rental of equipment and tools, office and warehouse space, as well as professional worker rent. After that GRIMEX started to explore and successfully operate in thermal insulation of floors and roofs, in 2020 the company GRIMEX has also started operations in online sales worldwide. And since 2021 GRIMEX has also started to excellence the web development and advertising services!

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